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Real estate issues range from simple sales of property to the construction and rental of large, sometimes multi-use developments, but whichever size your matter involves, you want a lawyer who approaches your problem efficiently and creatively. At The Real Estate Law Firm, in Kansas City, I help contractors, residents and business owners throughout Missouri and Kansas resolve their real estate problems.

Proven success with contracts and disputes

Arranging financing, partners, construction and development separately can be risky — everyone needs to be on the same page and working toward the same goal. You need counsel who can provide a thorough analysis and advice to prevent future problems. At The Real Estate Law Firm, I use my experience with assembling teams to develop properties to make your real estate negotiations go smoothly. I also research and provide in-depth advice on boundary and easement disputes, which generally arise at the time of a real estate sale because they can be clouds on title. My goal is to help clients quickly resolve issues about property lines and access to property so their deals can go through.

Experienced authority on eminent domain takings

Traditional eminent domain claims involve property purchased by the government for public use, like highways or parks. However, many modern eminent domain claims involve revitalizing an area via economic development, and the land seized is then sold to private parties to encourage retail or industrial growth. In all these cases, fair compensation is hotly disputed, and individual owners may challenge whether taking their particular property is critical to the public good, leaving some unaltered spaces in a development. With 18 years of government experience, I capably resolve complex claims.

Professional and efficient resolution of tenant disputes

The two most common causes for the termination of a lease are failure to pay rent and violation of the terms of the lease. Missouri and Kansas law mandates five days’ notice to the tenant before the landlord can file for eviction in cases of nonpayment, and 10 days’ notice in cases of lease violation — whether or not the violation was corrected. Specific details must be included at every step of the process to constitute proper notice. The Real Estate Law Firm helps landlords comply with all the details to give tenants fair notice.

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